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Overcome Triggers

Providing new hope for sustained recovery by next generation neurofeedback and tools to overcome triggers for craving and addiction.

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NeuromarkR™ Platform

Objectively manage triggers for cravings in recovery.

Treatment Companion

Breakthrough device to track progress in Substance Use Disorder recovery

Measurement Based Care

Complements psychological, pharmacological, and neuromodulation therapies where neuroplasticity is critical

Quantitative Insights

Quantitative insights into measuring craving objectively with innovative neurotechnology


More than 30 years of peer-reviewed published neuroscience research on craving and addiction

Overcoming Triggers

More than 50% of people treated for Substance Use Disorder relapse within months often due to unmanaged triggers and cravings.

Substance Use Triggers are Everywhere

Triggers like visiting familiar places, seeing substance use in media, or meeting old friends can subconsciously lead to substance seeking, with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Deeply Rooted in the Brain’s Reward System

Drug use activates the brain’s reward system, reinforcing behavior. Over time, this system becomes hyper-sensitive to drug-related cues, causing cravings and relapse, even years after stopping.

The Need for Better Treatment

Conventional treatments offer partial relief but fail to address the brain’s trigger responses. Effective treatment requires personalized interventions to reshape the brain’s reward system.

Innovating Medical Solutions for Triggers

Neurotype Inc.’s NeuromarkR™ device monitors brain biomarkers to quantify triggers’ impacts. Our platform enables targeted therapy, restoring normal brain function and preventing relapse, improving quality of life.

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